Monday Mornings – Do you dread or ATTACK them?

We all want to be able to attack our work week, but when Monday morning rolls around how do you show up?

For most people, the tendency is to start thinking about their week when the week starts – that’s a sure fire way to start the week off feeling dread. If you are catching yourself saying things like – “I have so much to do this week.  I don’t even know where to start.” or “I can’t even think about working on my business this week because I’m already behind the gun.” – it’s time to retool your Monday morning strategy.

One of the best tricks to be able to attack your Monday is to go in with a plan already in place.  

As a business owner, the bulk of your time should be spent on optimizing your business – not working in your business.  If you don’t schedule time to work on your business all the little fires and “urgent” issue are going to consume you and your time. Feeling like you are not taking care of growing the business of top of spending most of your time putting out fires can feel like total dread. Follow these five tips to be able to attack your Monday mornings.

5 Tips to Attack Your Monday Morning

Tip 1 – Plan PLAN.  Before close of business on Friday, schedule a planning session for the next week.

Tip 2 – Plan SMART. When planning for the following week, make sure you check in with your 6 months growth goals and schedule specific, actionable and measurable tasks for the following week.

Tip 3 – BLOCK your time. Actually go into your calendar and schedule time to work on your business growth goals for the following week.  Those scheduled blocks become the foundation of you making progress on growing your business.

Tip 4 – CLOSE your week with Gratitude and Lessons Learned. At the end of your Friday planning session, write down all the things you learned from the past week. Write down what worked, what didn’t work, how you would do things differently next time. Shoot and email to key players who really stepped up the past week and acknowledge them for their efforts and contributions. And finally write in your gratitude journal about the top 5-10 things you are grateful for.

Tip 5 – Start your Mondays POWERFULLY. First thing Monday morning, schedule brief meetings with your key teams to highlight the BIG outcomes/goals for the week. Use that meeting to make sure everyone is prepared and pumped up to go after those goals. (DO THIS instead of getting sucked into the Monday morning email quicksand – it’s far more productive and getting your team fired up with help to get you fired up.)

Follow these tips and pretty soon I bet your will start feeling like your are ready to ATTACK your Monday mornings!

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