When Is It Helpful to Have a Board of Directors?

It is hard to know when the right time is to create a Board of Directors, never mind who to put on your Board.

As a business owner, you know a lot about your business which is a great advantage, but can also be a disadvantage when it comes to growing your business. Putting together a Board of Directors can help you increase your perspective when it comes to creating strategic decisions for growth —  allowing you to collaborate on how to growth your business.

A great Board of Directors can help you stack the deck in favor of successful growth because you will now have a team of people committed to same objective – SMART GROWTH. Different members will have different strengths and will contribute various perspectives. It can help you stay on track and focused on your strategic plans – providing you and your company the accountability you need to implement change.

Check out this great article by Bernie Tenenbaum on Forbes.com about the benefits of creating a Board of Directors.

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