Diversify or Go Home….How to diversify your business

According to a recent article in The New York Times,

“Hundreds of Start-Ups Tell Investors: Diversify, or Keep Your Money.”

Even these start ups are looking at who is running the investment companies they are getting money from. More and more companies want to do business with other companies that work with and support a diversified talent pool. The call to diversify is coming from all across the industry spectrum.

 Where are you when it comes to diversification in your key staff? 

 If you are looking to grow your business and you need to add talent to your key positions, it will benefit you to diversify by broadening your search parameters and finding qualified, kick butt people from diverse backgrounds to apply for the key positions within your business.

Check out this article from Forbes Magazine on Tips to Attract a Wider Range of Candidates in Order to Diversify Your Team.

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